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What Color is Your Cape?
Dion Zuess
MCAD Sustainable Design Online Program Blog
May 2013

"Citizen designers strive to innovate, inform, or inspire change to make life better via thoughtful, responsible design: design for global change. These designers go beyond making eye candy or stuff, and are redefining 'good' design. It’s design that gives back to the community, or design that raises awareness or fosters social change. In other words, it connects to a growing contingent of designers who are using their 'powers' for good."

A Culture of Green
GDUSA Green Newsletter: ecoLingo profile
October 2011

"Her knowledge and experience draw clients from across the country who are not only looking for meaningful design, but who are also seeking guidance to ensure that their project matches or exceeds their environmental goals and values. Zuess works with like-minded clients such as EFFECT Partners and Billboard Music Award/ Grammy nominee Jack Johnson, who inspires his fans with his environmental commitment, especially while on tour."

Spotlight on Green People
GDUSA: A Dozen Green Design Firms
October 2011

"In this e-newsletter, we spotlight several designers who are successfully integrating sustainability into their business model and lifestyle. These are 'green people' who have taken the lessons of The Living Principles for Design to heart – 'Culture is where designers have the deepest impact as their creations and choices shape habits and values.'” –Gordon Kaye

10 Examples of Sustainability Plans for Graphic Designers
Pushing Snowballs: Marketing for Creative Business 
Mark Denton
September 2009

A welcome breath of fresh air: demand grows for new homegrown low-VOC inks
Dion Zuess
Packaging Design Magazine:Special Sustainability Issue
September 2009

Profile: ecoLingo earth-friendly graphic design
Diana Dunaj-Kullman
Southwest Graphics Magazine
March 2008

Why trees everywhere should love this woman...
Andrew Johnson
BizAZ - Now section
May - June 2007 

"When it comes to eco-friendly values, Dion Zuess not only talks the talk, she walks the walk…"

Graphic design firm takes green approach to work
Andrew Johnson
The Arizona Republic

May 2007

"ecoLingo owner Dion Zuess has been called a pioneer in graphic design, adopting Earth-friendly practices." 

Got a green business? First pit stop: get yourself an environmentally conscious designer
Green Printer Blog
November 2007

"Once in a while, we like to scope out - and bring you - some of the best talent on the planet oozing out of the fast-growing, environmentally-friendly design industry. Okay, the planet is a stretch, let’s say this continent for this post.."

Creating more sustainable packaging
Laurel Saville
Dynamic Graphics Magazine
December 2007

"Designers have to realize that everything you create has a past, present and future," points out Dion Zuess of ecoLingo, a green design studio in Phoenix …"

Eco Designer Dion Zuess Honored by National Design Awards Nomination
Press release [PDF]
February 2007

"ecoLingo: earth friendly graphic design owner and creative director Dion Zuess has been nominated as a candidate for a Communications Award of Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum’s National Design Awards Program. 'Being recognized by the committee as a candidate for this prestigious award is an honor and a career touchstone.''"

The 2007 National Design Awards nominations were solicited from a committee of more than 800 leading designers, educators, journalists, cultural figures and corporate leaders from every state in the nation. First launched at the White House in 2000 as a project of the White House Millennium Council, the National Design Awards were established to promote excellence and innovation in design."

Green Studio ecoLingo Selected as an American Graphic Design Award Winner 
Press release [PDF]
November 2006

"ecoLingo: earth friendly graphic design, is proud to announce that Graphic Design USA has selected ecoLingo as a winner in the 2006 American Graphic Design Awards for excellence in communication and graphic design.

Graphic Design USA honors outstanding new work of all kinds: print, packaging, point-of-purchase, internet, interactive and motion graphics."