"Green spaces and smart design workflows can boost innovation, efficiency, ecology and the economy at the same time."

The more eco-savvy you become, the greater the payback. You save resources, time, energy and money.

For example, activating power management software on your computer takes sixty seconds or less. Doing so can put around $80 in your pocket a year. Do you have a large agency or business? Do the math, the savings add up!

As you green your materials and supply chains, as well as your workspace, people will notice! You'll be able to make a difference step by step, but with a smaller footprint than ever before.

Along the way, you will gain the skills and confidence to translate this information to colleagues and clients. In today's world where we value authentic eco-stewardship and transparency, your business will gain an edge.

As you green your workplace or workflow, you help create a demand for better products/more transparency/higher ethical standards, and drive change that enhances the global community.

You inspire others to do the same...

Everyday green in the studio…

ecoLingo is a certified green business and strives to be as green as possible not only in the creative process, but in the everyday process of running a business. Here are a few things that ecoLingo does to reduce impacts.

ecoLingo uses green design, a.k.a. design that takes the entire life cycle of a project into account. The studio creates and oversees projects that have minimal impacts on the environment: for example, using agri-based or low VOC inks, and recycled, FSC-certified, chlorine free or alternative papers made with certified renewable energy. Eco-labels, eco-audits and other resource benefit statements are obtained and displayed (where appropriate) on your projects to convey your care and concern 
for the environment, as well as to educate and inspire your audience.

The studio's electronic design and publishing is powered by the sun and wind. The studio purchases renewable energy for studio use from a local utility, plus offsets carbon and global warming impacts through a Green-e certified provider. Web hosting is provided by a green host company located in the USA. ecoLingo uses state of the art paperless and virtual workflows, including project management software that allows the customer and design team to share files and to collaborate together.

Even the studio workspace is eco-minded, with energy efficient lighting and EPEAT, ENERGY STAR® hardware. Other eco-certified products and materials in the studio include FSC certified flooring with LEED® attributes, VOC free paints, formaldehyde-free cabinets, and recyclable desks and seating. All office supplies and cleaning supply purchases are carefully chosen based on a green or responsible purchasing policy. All paper, ink-jet cartridges, and e-waste is recycled or disposed of by credited recyclers or re-manufacturers.

If you would like to learn more about how you can green your practice and your business, see Chapter 6: "Working Smarter" in Sustainable Graphic Design: Tools Systems and Strategies for Innovative Print Design  or contact ecoLingo for a consultation.


A quick note about the eco tidbit pages on this site:

The information, resources and links have been provided to inspire exploration, education and discussion–they do not necessarily constitute an endorsement by ecoLingo of the organizations and their products, practices or policies.

Please consider the environment when printing web pages. And if you absolutely must print, take steps to save paper and to reduce waste. Try changing your print settings so that you can print more than 1 page view per paper, and click the double-side printing (duplexing) option if your printer has one. Better yet, create screen captures or save screen documents as web archives by using the "Print to PDF" option to save a copy to your computer. This creates a handy digital reference that requires no paper or metal filing cabinets.

Thank you!