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Here are some favorite "ing" words in use around here…



With nearly two decades of design and visual communication experience, ecoLingo blends ecology, style, and sustainability. ecoLingo’s work has been published in a variety of design award programs and publications. Take your business or promotional materials to the next level.



ecoLingo is a green-based business and strives to reduce eco impacts, not only in the creative process, but in the everyday process of running a business. Enquire about how you can make your workflow or work space “smarter” and greener. See the eco tidbits section of the site for more information and resources.



Meaningful collaboration is a key to innovation. ecoLingo partners with a variety of organizations who share a commitment to greening all aspects of a multi-layered project, i.e., a world music tour. Favorite collaborations so far include working with EffectPartners and Reverb.



An experienced guide can provide insights, tips and strategies for the journey ahead. Zuess mentors colleagues and students from the MCAD Sustainable Design Online program, ASU, The Art Institute, Cal Poly, and others.



Zuess consults with organizations of all sizes to help ensure that eco values and sustainability leadership goals match and exceed expectations. Examples include providing guidance for greening actions, sustainability initiatives or Corporate Social Responsibility reporting.



Zuess writes and contributes to articles and books on sustainability and eco design practices. Check out chapters 5 & 6 in the 500+ page book Sustainable Graphic Design: Tools, Systems and Strategies for Innovative Print Design, published by global publisher Wiley. To see more, visit the press section of this site.



ecoLingo provides oversight and expert sourcing to help ensure that projects meet deadlines, go smoothly, and obtain appropriate eco-audits or eco-label permissions. ecoLingo also ensures that sustainable, “smart design” concepts are included throughout the entire life cycle of the project.



It is an honor to give back to the community. Zuess participates in advisory committees and green teams, donating time and resources for a variety of educational institutions, eco-certified businesses and organizations. 



Awareness and education are essential, especially when it comes to sustainability and social change. Zuess is a popular guest speaker and previous faculty member and course developer for MCAD’s groundbreaking Sustainable Design Online (SDO) Master’s Program.



Editing is an art form in itself. Zuess was a Contributing Associate Editor for the book Sustainable Graphic Design. She also lent a keen eye to the companion book Packaging Sustainability: Tools, Systems and Strategies for Innovative Package Design. Zuess edits materials for clients, colleagues and master’s students.



Zuess develops content and curricula for sustainability programs and educational institutions. Samples include “Working Smarter,” “Design for Global Change,” and the “Graduate Sustainability Thesis Project: Part 1” in MCAD’s SDO Master’s program. 



Design can change the world! There is a difference between “good design” and “design for good.” Zuess believes that “designers have a unique opportunity to integrate talent, visual communication and social responsibility.”

Note: One more "ing" word for the list: "Crediting" other artists. See SITE CREDITS.